Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blog Flavours

I've been thinking a lot about what I'd like this blog to be recently, because I'd like to be a little more active in my posting here for my own records and writing experience.
  1. I could make it a collection of many of my previous (mostly unfinished) projects. There's probably a hundred or more, many only briefly started, so this would be a massive feat it itself. Programming was probably my main method of hiding the pain and shame GD caused, so I spent probably near thousands of hours total here, still I'm not sure exactly what to think about that.
  2. I could document my progress on my current projects. This includes things like a music generator, grammars to recognize programs and visually display them in an organized, tree format (arranged so it works for any language once you make the recursive grammar), a PWMMORTS (procedural world massive multiplayer online real time strategy - think Warcraft + World of Warcraft/Minecraft), and a random 2D building and character generation based on a weird MIT course I'll link to when I find it again.
  3. I could polish all of my mostly finished/favorite projects (many of which are school projects), and put them together here as a portfolio. This includes things like a racing game with AI, a cube that deforms itself to give the illusion of removing blocks (like minecraft) when you click on it, a spreadsheet, a random multicolor terrain generator, etc.
  4. I'd like to think I'm pretty good at turning algorithm descriptions into reliable code, so I could start programming algorithms I'm interested in with explanations of where they'd be helpful, such as Delaunay Triangulations, pathfinding for one or more units, variants of Genetic Algorithms, or Pulsed Neural Networks, a field of research recommended by a previous EE professor.
  5. I could try to put together a compendium of many topics related to P and NP discovered after the material in this book, covering topics like PCP theorem, SDP hierarchies and their applications to the Unique Games conjecture and approximation algorithms, programming languages that you specify what you want and they fill in the code, etc.
I think 3 (with splashes of 1, 2, and 4) would be the most relevant for me right now, and then I'll throw in some 5 along the way as I come to understand those topics in better depth myself.

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